Saturday, 2 May 2009

Log cabin paradise

What a fabulous day it is here in sunny Devon!! Mayday Bank Holiday weekend, and lots planned. It's funny before we got the car, I'd not even thought about day trips out to the Moors, but tomorrow, we're all piling in for a trip out to the wilds of Dartmoor. Must remember the camera! Tonight, me and Mike are off out to a Jazz festival in the Barbican, and then on Monday they're holding a New Orleans style umbrella parade through the streets, so we're all going down for that. More camera opportunities.

I've finished piecing the log cabin quilt for H's ballet group, and know exactly how it's being quilted, after practicing it on the April challenge quiltlet. Loop de loops with random hearts thrown in for good measure. I took the top to ballet this morning to shown them and they all seem to like it, so with luck they'll raise lots of money for this year's charity.

My other recent finish is the wallhanging for my mother in law. I've finished sewing round all the silk flowers to hold them in place, and have to admit it's looking better than I expected! I've found some gorgeous hand dyed fabrics that I bought in Birmingham last year and haven't used yet, and one of them's the exact shade of blue I was thinking of using for the border. I'm going to play with widths this afternoon. I'm thinking about 2" would look good.

The vase and background are from fabric I dyed myself last summer and didn't quite know what to do with them afterwards.

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Elizabeth said...

Dear quiltfriend,

My sister is, after an exiting period, finaly pregnant of her first baby.
Now I would like to make a bright-colored quilt for her and her baby
of patches from all over the world.
I try to collect sraps of 12x12 cm (5x5 inch).
Do you have a piece of fabric that may be suitable, I would really like to use it!

Many thanks and warm greetings,
Elizabeth Kremer
Wedderweg 91
9665 JM Oude Pekela