Monday, 28 February 2011

I'm going slightly...crazy?

Way back in November, Sound Stitchers had our first meeting. While chatting about what we all wanted from our group, Janet B showed us some of her beautiful crazy quilt blocks. We decided that we'd all like to have a go at a crazy block, and to make it a Round Robin Challenge. Janet showed us in January how to piece the foundation, brought some more amazing blocks, and inspired us all over again. We've got to bring our completed foundation back on Friday, with one seam and one patch embellished.

Now, I don't know about you, but faced with a 2 month deadline, of  course, I realised I might have other things happen so I completed my block that same weekend, and had it embellished by the following Tuesday.

Yeah right!!

See up there ^^^ where I said "Friday". Look closer...look REALLY close. Yes, that's this Friday. As in 4 days' time...eeekkk! Where have those two months gone? I pieced the block last weekend, and started working on a piece of tattnig to use a a seam embellishment, then prioritised a pair of fingerless mitts that I won't wear till next winter.

Finally got the tatting done, sketched in what I wanted to do on the patch, and delegated dinner cooking duties to my 16 year old son so I could embroider the design.

Here's what I came up with:

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Another non-UFO

February Lady cardigan. It's been on my needles for nearly 12 months! My first attempt at knitting top down, but it was straightforward enough. It's also knit in one piece, with picked up stitches for the sleeves which are also knit in the round. Loved making it, I loved the colour, the yarn (alpaca) the swing, all of it!

Yes, I know it clashes horribly with my top, but I couldn't wait to change to try it on. The buttons are hand made ones I bought at a quilt show, and are flower shaped. Each one's a different colour.

I've also made a couple of project rolls, after a demo from Sandra at Sound Stitchers, but haven't had chance to photgraph them yet. I've subtracted 2 yards from my stash though ;-)

Off to Truro Record Office tomorrow to hunt through the archives for long dead miners.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Enthusiasm overflowing!

I don't know if it's haveing counted and weighed the stash or not, or the side effect of having seen lots of fabrics I'd forgotten about, but I've been busy sewing this weekend. Before I forget, here's part of the weigh in:

3.5 yards of 45" wide fabric weigh about 1lb. To weigh the scrap stash, I stuffed a poly bag until it balanced the scales, recorded it, then tipped it into a box. Rinse and repeat!

I finally finished knitting Hannah's ballet cardigan this weekend, and celebrated by crocheting a dishcloth. Not much of a celebration I'll admit, but I would like to improve my crochet work, and who cares if your dishcloth is a bit wonky? 
I've also finally finished the extra quilting on my Dear Jane siggy quilt. No photo of this one until I've buried the ends, but it makes the siggy blocks pop out a lot more. My final finish is from the 2009 BQL Perpetual Calendar Challenge. I'd kept up with the rest of the year's blocks, but didn't get November done in time, so didn't qualify to get December. I posted on BQL to say I'd finished but too late, and Kandy who had organised the Challenge kindly sent me the December instructions anyway. I didn't get around to doing it straight away, fact I didn't get around to doing it until I found the instruction sheet in one of the many stash drawers. So today between finishing Dear Jane and starting cooking dinner, I whipped this up:

I loved making it, very quick to do and I love the effect. Even the zig zag edges worked pretty well. Imagine a little block like this with snippets of your latest quilt or as a trial to see how well different fabrics work together.

Off back to the kitchen now, to carry on working on my HST madness quilt.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Admitting it.


The stash that I bought at the weekend has led to a question from a non-quilting friend on a forum I spend a lot of time on. I mentioned I needed to put it away, she suggested I could use the bottom of my wardrobe. Now, I don't know about you out there, but my stash would almost fill my wardrobe if I ever got it all in one place.

In here?
Which led to the question of how much I've actually got...I know there's 18.5 yards left from Saturday, I know I've got 2 FQ bags full, an ottoman full, boxes of scraps, bigger scraps in plastics boxes and assorted hessian bags with oddments in. much does it all come to?
2 Drawers and the left hand cupboards in here?

I'll make a start on measuring it this morning, and hopefully finish tonight. Anyone care to guess what my final tally will be? I'll start with 60 about a prize for anyone who posts the closest to my total?
2 boxes under here
A few baskets and boxes in here too