Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Admitting it.


The stash that I bought at the weekend has led to a question from a non-quilting friend on a forum I spend a lot of time on. I mentioned I needed to put it away, she suggested I could use the bottom of my wardrobe. Now, I don't know about you out there, but my stash would almost fill my wardrobe if I ever got it all in one place.

In here?
Which led to the question of how much I've actually got...I know there's 18.5 yards left from Saturday, I know I've got 2 FQ bags full, an ottoman full, boxes of scraps, bigger scraps in plastics boxes and assorted hessian bags with oddments in. much does it all come to?
2 Drawers and the left hand cupboards in here?

I'll make a start on measuring it this morning, and hopefully finish tonight. Anyone care to guess what my final tally will be? I'll start with 60 about a prize for anyone who posts the closest to my total?
2 boxes under here
A few baskets and boxes in here too

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