Friday, 19 June 2009

Photos and more sewing

At last here's the pic of the silk flower hanging for my mother in law! The dark blue border is some hand dye I bought in Birmingham last August and couldn't bear to use up, but I like the contrast between the two blues in the hanging.

I couldn't work out how to quilt it as I didn't want anything over the main vase, so I've just gone in the ditch around the border, and the gentle meanders around the outer border. There's hand applied beads and sequins on the flowers as well I think you can just about see them in this picture.

The other thing I've been working on recently is from this book:

I saw a link on someone's FaceBook page to a customer quilt that he was working on and absolutely loved the kaleidoscope effect on the quilt. I looked at it for ages and could kind of work out how to do it, but not totally. I'd got as far as layering 6 identical cuts of fabric, then slicing them into triangles, each pile of which would be identical, but couldn't see how I'd get them sewn together after that. Anyway,I took a gamble and bought some fabric at the same time as the book and crossed my fingers that it would be suitable, and enough!!

These are the semi-finished hexagons: I'm not going to say any more about piecing them as I think the author deserves more of us buying her books.

I could do with setting myself up with a design wall so I can place the hexagons and live with the arrangement for a while before finalising it, so until I get that sorted, I'm holding fire with the quilt. I love the variety of tones in the hexes, it's hard to believe they all came from the same piece of fabric!!

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