Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Not getting any better :-(

Worry not, it's quilting not thyca.

So I was browsing on ebay, and found some yummy looking threads. What's a girl to do when there's the chance of threads? So I bid, and won, and on Saturday I got a lovely surprise in the post:

These are the single colours.

And the variegated ones.

Can't wait till I can use them, just need to decide what I'm using them in.

How fabby do they all look in the bobbins box?

Then just for fun, it was my works Christmas night out last weekend...yes you read that right, Christmas! Anyway, I finally found the perfect accessory for my outfit:

It's temporary, but never say never....


Gina said...

Beautiful threads and I love your tattoo, where did it come from?

Love and hugs Gina xxxx

Yvonne Morgan said...

Hi Gina, DH bought it from www.blockpartystudios.com a couple of years ago. 5 in the packet.