Saturday, 29 March 2008

Today's shopping

So, I need some orange-y red tone on tone, and some bright clear yellow T-o-T. As I was in town, I tried the only shop in the city centre which sells quilting fabric...nothing, nada, zilch. Lots of garish prints (dogs? cats?? owls????). Some with self coloured patterns, but either too obvious for what I wanted or in the wrong colour. Why wouldn't a major department store which has a unique selling point stock marbled fabrics? Or Fossil Ferns? Or Makower's Spraytime? Or anything I can actually use?

There is another shop which does sell marbles, but it's a bus ride out of the city centre, and on a day when i have grocery shopping to do, I don't have time to trek for miles in search of 2 FQs! Back to the stash, which I've looked through once, just to see if there's anything vaguely close to what I want in there.

On a good note, I bought a pair of swimming goggles from TK Maxx. Speedo, fixed nose piece, white and lilac

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