Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Another UFO done!!

This weekend I finally finished my siggy quilt. I swapped blocks for the 2007 Dear Jane swap, then some more for the European swap and also some that I swapped one-on-one. Anyway, I ended up with a whole pile of 5" blocks in a huge range of colours and styles. I knew I wanted to piece them in a rainbow style, and googled for all I was worth to see how other people had assembled their quilts. The top went together reaaly well, and I had 4 blocks left over which I decided to use in the borders. Because I want to improve my mitred corners, I thought the best way to use these blocks was in the centre of each side, so I could mitre the 5" border.

Because the blocks tell their own story I quilted in the ditch in a grid pattern around each block and drew in a simple rope pattern in the border, using a tool I've had for years but never used. It's a guide for drawing plaits in either large or small curves or points by Angela Maddern that I bought in Tavistock. I'm trying to iprove my machine quilting too, so this gave me a great chance.

If I'm being honest I'm not happy with the puffy way the blocks have neded up but I couldn't press them too hard once the top was assembled in case I damaged any of the embellishments. Still if you don't look too critically, it's passable.

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