Tuesday, 29 April 2008

still waddling on!

No pictures togo with this entry! I got a bit of a shock a couple of weeks ago when I went to see my GP. I've been diagnosed with a parathyroid adenoma which needs to be removed sooner rather than later. After a week's wait, I got a date for outpatients, which is May 21st, 9.30am. Initially I was very calm but then began to sress over everything. Now I've got the O/P appointment, I'm less stressed, but still have 1000s of questions. I'm going to write everything I think of down in a notebook to take with me.

The only good thing is the O/P is so close to the date of my next half I'll be able to do that with no medical worries! As O/P is a month away, I'm guessing they don't want to see me for surgery straight away so I'm banking on doing the half on June 22nd as well.

Quilting wise, I'm working on the 1930s Irish chain. Taking it along to H's ballet class means I've had loads of compliments along the "amazing, beautiful, tiny stitches" lines. Should be able to get it finished before the end of May. I've decided to bind it in light yellow marble fabric.

I've planned exactly how to quilt Dear Jane now as well. I was going to do it by hand, but realised this would take far too long. After looking at people's quilt pictures on webshots (great site) I've settled on simple X with > < inside them on each square. To look like a double X, and on the border triangles I'm going to do three smaller triangles. Same idea for the corner kites. All in cream/not quite white thread (must look online to find something I love).

Having the backing fabric already, I need to order some more wadding from lady-sew-and-sew. Fabulous company, prompt delivery, reasonable charges!

Now with Jane sorted, I need to think about Lilibet. back backing fabric. follow the applique pattern round in red. Copy the tulips in the pieced blocks and then FMQ in all the gaps. I'd really really like to get both Jane and Lilibet done for the exhibition in August, but with this operation looming over me I don't know what time I'm going to have. How long to recover from GA and time off work can't all be spent quilting!

Pics to be added later of 1930's quilt, Jane and Lilibet!!

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