Sunday, 27 July 2008

Very quick update

Panicked phone call from my friend who is also finishing quilts for the Princetown's all Go go go!!!!!! She's taking her quilts to a collection point this week. I've got 3 all finished, labelled and hanging sleevs attatched, neatly folded and covered. The final one, the one I'm hoping to sell, to fund a new machine is still only about half quilted. Today I've finished marking most of the remaining sashing strips, and only have 1/2 of one of the pieced blocks to quilt.

Tomorrow was reserved for sorting out my family tree notes before a trip to the record office, but I'm going to have to quilt instead. Looks like my lie in has gone too!

Last night was the Cornwood 10K, which I can only say wasn't as bad as the Ivybridge one! Very hot and almost as hilly, but I did it faster than Ivybridge. Managed to get a photo taken where I almost have both feet in the air:

The other one I have of me looks llike I'm blessing someone off shot. In fact, as I was just finishing, the rest of the club were at the finish zone, cheering me home, so I was waving to them. Tomorrow, apparantly, I'm doing a hill session

Could use the unfinished quilt as an excuse....

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