Wednesday, 30 July 2008

working hard...

...on that quilt. Today I've gone almost all the way round the outisde of the main part of the cable design. Just one inverted V to do. Then I've got to go round the inside of it all, and do the short Vs and shorter straight cables to close each square. All going very well so far.

Yesterday I spent the day at the Truro record office, looking for ancestors hiding in the paperwork. I manage to locate around 20 baptisms of people I had in census returns, so more gaps filled in there. Tomorrow we're all off to Camborne parish church to see if we can find any memorial stones...hope it's in better trim than Illoga's was last year.

I did my hill session on Monday, it was a lot more gentle than I'd expected, a 3 hill loop done twice. The hills were more slopes than big hills, so very much a confidence building exercise for me...even if I was last to finish, I didn't take any walk breaks, and got all the way up each hill without too much of a struggle.

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