Sunday, 30 November 2008

It's beginning to feel...

I've been working hard on finishing some UFOs before the turn of the year and radio iodine treatment. The first one I wanted to get done was the Christmas quilt I saw in a magazine last year. It was designed to be assmebled in wiggly rows, then turned through 60° and cut into a large rectangle. Hhmmm! I really don't have floor space big enough to be able to do that, so I unpicked some of the shorter rows, and re stitched them so I've got a rectangle. It's big enough to cover our king size bed, but we'll be using it as a snuggle quilt for the lounge.

I was going to go for a totally scrappy look, but in the end decided to stick to a red and white colour scheme, with one stripe of green.

I bought some muticoloured thread from our new Hobbycraft store which I'm planning to quilt it with. I'm not sure whether to go for straight lines (contrasts with the wiggles of the quilt, but boring to sew) or to use a pre-programmed stitch on the machine and do wiggly lines down the centre of each wide stripe. Decisions decisions.

I finished darning the ends of Ben's quilt in this afternoon as well, so it's all wrapped and ready for the tree. I've not done a label yet, but I'll practice on some scrap fabric before doing the real one.

Finally, my BQL list Secret Santa present arrived. I've been a good girl and put it on top of my wardrobe until the big day.


karenfae said...

I just came across your blog on the quilters blogger page. I hope you are doing well and that your treatment is not making you too sick. Good luck on finishing up some of your projects - sometimes it is a never ending battle - I am trying to get caught up on some of mine too.

Yvonne Morgan said...

Thank you Karenfae, right now I'm feeling great, but on the 23rd I have to stop my meds. and know I'll be feeling tired and lethergic again. Time to sit on the sofa and eat chocolate!