Thursday, 20 November 2008

New Sewing machine

Backdate this to October 25th!

So DH finally got his terminal gratuity, and I was on my way to the Sewing Machine Shop in Exeter I played on quite a selection the the FoQ waaay back in August, and had set my mind on a Husqvarna Viking. I'd looked at the top of the range model, but was quite happy with the next model down. DH left me and DD in the shop while he and DS went back into the town centre with instructions not to come back until I texted him.

I soon settled down with the mid range model, and got to grips with it quite quickly, most of the functions seemed clear, it was just the normal case of being used to the controls on my old machine. DD was taken upstairs where there was a children's craft club in full session...a great idea, £5 and they get to make mess and create something for 5 hours, lunch included.

Eventually I decided that the mid range would be great for what I needed...however, DH got back just as I was letting the shop know which one I wanted, and told me to get the top of the range model instead :-D Who am I to argue??

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