Thursday, 12 June 2008

Jane's Pilgrimage is finished!!

I can't believe after over 2 years, I've finally finished my Dear Jane quilt. This little gem has been sewn in hand and machine quilting, hand and machine applique, strip pieceing, and a fair bit of judicious colouring in where some bits didn't quite meet! If I reckon on each block taking an average of 30 minutes to make...some a LOT more, it's taken 112 1/2 hours, or close to 5 days of solid work. That's just for the piecing. Then a couple of hours for layering and basting it, plus all the machine quilting, then nearly 3 hours to hand sew the binding on, and a couple of evening's work to sew all the ends in!!

Even though it's not quite big enough to drape on my king size bed, it fits great as a topper, and sets the room off nicely.

This close up shows the quilting detail on the first block I completed. I'm still not 100% convinced I've done enough on it, but as I'm planning to show it in August, I didn't want to miss the deadline for getting them to Brenda. I might go back to it after the show and put some more work in on it.

Of course with all this UFO completing, I'm running out of things to work on, and despite all the books, magazines and patterns I've got, really can't find anything that screams "make me" at me. I've got 2 more projects on my UFO list so maybe I'll just have to get my head down and finish them. By the time I've done them, I'll have been to Birmingham, so will be brimming with new ideas.

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Genevieve said...

I love your Pilgrimage quilt. It's beautiful and interesting. Maybe viewing the images of your lovely quilts will inspire me to get busy on the quilt I started for my daughter a few years ago...