Monday, 30 June 2008

Races and quilts

Last weekend was the Torbay Half marathon. I'd not expected it to be as hilly as it was, and what was worse, all the hills were concentrated in a 1 1/2 mile stretch that we had to cover 4 times. They seemed to get steeper each time I apporached them, and I ended up walking most of them. Great boost to see some people from the running club, I'd not realised just how great it was to see someone with the same vest as me! The eventual winners overtook me twice, first within the first mile loop, and then again as I was finishing my first lap and they were part way through their second.

A bad case of runners trots saw me rushing off to the loo twice, and it did cross my mind to hide then re-join the race later on to chop some of the distance off. I did the full length of it however! No matter how bad I felt at the end, I can take comfort from the fact that the M25-29 I overtook on the line must have felt worse ;-)

Got to running club on Thursday, and told them I'd got a personal worst, and was surprised to get a round of applause! DH later told me he'd been told they liked my spirit and attitude that I wasn't too depressed about being rubbish! Still another 60 points for the grand prix!

My plan for that is to enter as many races as I can that are far enough away not to attract too many other people, but close enough to get over 3 ladies.

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