Thursday, 12 June 2008

Bristol quilt show

Can't believe how long it is since I lasted posted anything! I've not fallen off the planet, just been busy.

So I was planing to go to Bristol to see a quilt show last time. I went, saw and loved it!! Some amazing pieces there, including 2 by Sandie Lush, whose work I really adore:

can you imagine how long it took to applique all those berries??

The main reason I wanted to visit another quilt group's show was to see how well my own work would fit in with theirs. I was hoping that mine wouldn't stick out like the proverbial sore thumb! Anyway mine would have looked right at home there, so I don't need to stress out over that. Because I've only been to the national quilt shows before, even though I've had lots of compliments about my work, I'm still a bit unsure about showing it in public, where strangers can see it.

Once I'd browsed the show for ideas, I came out for a drink with my phone full of pics. I loved the black and red drunkard's path, whcih was displayed right at the end of the hall so you could see it straight down the aisle:

What a fabulous colour scheme. Just imagine that on your bed in winter!

Once I'd left the show, it was a nice stroll down back into town, via a bike shop to pick up some new cycling shorts. I'd not expected to pay £40, but they look and feel great. Just need to find the time to get the bike out now!

Lunch was at a Thai restaurant on the main street between the school and town, then s quick mooch round bristol and on to the train home.

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