Friday, 30 May 2008

Off to a show!!

How's this for coincidence?? Tomorrow I'm off to Bristol to a quilt show, which I didn't know about until one of my running buddies on the Runners' World website forum spotted a banner for it and mentioned it to me!

As it's DH's payday I decided I may as well head there and check it out. I'm mainly hoping to be able to compare the work there with my own stuff ready for our own show in August. It seems to be a local grou pwho are exhibiting, so I don't imagine it will take me ages to have a look round. Maybe there'll be a sale table with ideas for our own as well!

Following on from the Half, both second toe nails are now purple! I am at least wlaking properly though. At run club last night I managed most of 4.3 miles, afer walking there, and then run/walk back home.

Pirate kit arrived yesterday so I wore the monaco to run club, but the girly tank is a bit small...looks like more running and less eating for me!

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