Monday, 26 May 2008

Busy weekend behind me.

Yesterday was the Plymouth Half marathon which me and DH were both running in. I wasn't sure how my achilles would stand up to the 13.1 miles, but knew I could always walk if I needed to. Weather forecast was for heavy rain and high winds, great! In the end we had a brief shower at 8am, and sunshine for the rest of the day.

We got to the Hoe, met DS and sorted ourselvs out with baggage drops and meeting the various groups we needed to say hello to. Group photo for the running club great...around 50 of us. I managed to get on the back line, saying I felt more at home at the back ;-)

By the time I'd left the loo queue, I lined up facing the wrong way I was so far back. Nearly 5 minutes before I crossed the line, and I was off. Felt nice and easy, and I hit the first mile point at 10 minutes.

No major traumas and I was feeling great at Saltram. I'd planned to walk the hill there and at Haye rd, and that was exactly what I did. As I got more comfortable and further round the course, I began to target people in my vision to over take. One woman took me over a mile to get past, but she didn't come back after me. I was definitely passing more than were passing me. The other club runner finally got away form me on Billacombe rd, which despite being downhill I struggled with.

Another clubbie supporting boosted me by running with me for a few yards, and I gave him my gel belt in exchange for a couple of wine gums. 10 miles down and still bang on time for 11 minute miles

I kept plodding on overtaking people until I got to the Barbican. Dashed into Jacka's to yell HI to Marge, then walked up the hill. Less than a mile to go and the PB was looking dodgy, but I caried on regardless. As I got to the final turn, I glanced at my course best was smashed and the PB was still on. I passed a guy with Cooky on his T shirt on the Hoe (last 50 yards) and stopped my watch with 11 minute 11 seconds off my PB (rounded on the official time to 1m 10s off)

yes it was as painful as it looks! Best bit about Plymouth is the runner's exclusion zone with as much food as you can eat, an excellent goody bag, stuffed with freebies. I also got a medal, t shirt, mini mars bars, water & apple juice thrust at me as I crossed the line.

As if that wasn't enough for a bank holiday weekend, I've been quilting as well. Dear Jane is just about finished!!! All the machine quilting is done on the main body of the quilt and the triangle borders. I've just got to darn the ends in and put the binding on. That will be my task for tonight, to bind it.

I'm still doubtful as to whether it might need more quilting, but if I decide it does, I can do it once it's been bound.

So another UFO finished (nearly), another quilt ticked off for the exhibiton in August, another PB. DH got a PB as well, 10 minutes off his Bath time! No blisters and all my toe nails look intact.

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