Thursday, 22 May 2008

and there's more...

Ended a bit quickly there, got a phone call from work asking me to go in early.

The Irish chain is destined for a dear friend who I met when we were both expecting our daughters and at the same ante natal class. I pieced the top and showed her before I told her it was for her! Luckily for me, she liked it!! She's not seen the final thing yet. I need to tell her that although it's finished, I'd like to "borrow" to show in our Princetown exhibition.

At quilt group last week, B asked who of us would be showing a full sized quilt and I was the only one to stick her hand up... I really hope I'm not going to be the only one, or it's going to be a dull show ;-)

I'm also planning to show the siggy quilt, Jane and Lilibet if I get her finished on time. Jane's coming along nicely:

This is her on the kitchen table on the machine. I'm aiming to do some more on her tomorrow evening and on Saturday.

Sunday is the Plymouth Half, so no quilting for me, but Monday is bank holiday so lots then, assuming I can move my foot

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