Thursday, 22 May 2008

Frustration and some hope

So yesterday was my clinic appointment for this adenoma. Arrived early, waited in the consulting room, a little puzzled about why the rectal probes were laid out so expectantly. Eventually the consultant arrived, and lo and behold she IS a rectal specialist. She was confused as to why I'd been referred to her and not the endocrinologist. She took a cursory history, did an examination, declared she wasn't sure what the lump was, but that it wasn't in the classic position for a parathyroid, but by the way my thyroid was enlarged!

Bloods taken, tried to book ultrasound but have to wait for a postal date. Referred to correct consultant now.

Got home and was really cross, contaced the referral team who were as bemused as the doc. They're supposedly going to sort it out and phone me today with a new date, but I really hope it's not another 5 weeks before I see this one!!

On the running front, it's my local half marathon at the weekend, by which time I'd hoped to be feeling more positive about the adenoma and be looking for a good race time. I think shher bloody anger is going to get me round at this rate. And it's forecast to rain!

Quilting is the only thing that keeps me sane right now. I've started quilting Jane. Done the central square, and 2 full rounds out, started on the third one last night, but didn't finish on account of watching the European Cup Final. No photos of that. Will take a set at the weekend.

The Irish chain is finished though!!!! Bound it with a Patrick Lose daffodil yellow marble which I love. It really brings the yellows in the quilt into focus.

And to show the hand quilting:

I took this using the close up function on the camera. I'd kind of forgotten about it, but I prefer it to just zooming in close:

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