Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Playtime for quilters

Who can blame me for playing with some of my new goodies? First of all, I dyed some small pieces of fabric. I wanted to get a feel for the techniques and see how the dyes reacted together. I've noted exactly how much dye, salt, mixer and water I used in these samples, and just squirted pipettes full onto the fabric. The golden yellow seemed to develop in the minutes after I put it on the fabric. My favourite pieces fromthis selection are the green and the multicoloured yellow-magenta-blue which I made by drizzling lines of each colour onto the fabric and letting them blur and mix together.
So what could I possible make with these small pieces of fabric. I didn't want them to end up in my scrap box! Fabric postcards of course...and the chance to play with some more new stuff. This time I used some of the Madeira thread, and a piece of pelmet vilene I'd bought on Sunday and of course one of my favourite pieces of hand dyed fabric:

Best bit of this? Even the applique flowers are leftovers from another project. Next time I do one, I'll use thicker wadding, and remember to bond the vilene to the upper of the postcard rather than the back, as the guidelines can still be seen through the white backing. Still, live and learn!

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