Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Keeping on keeping on!

Guess who's back on sick leave? Long story but essentially it boils down to me trying to do too much too soon and having to realise I'm not invincible and maybe (just maybe) my consultant does know what he's talking about. Despite being younger than me! Anyway, I'm back in work on Monday, taking it easy (through gritted teeth), blood results are in and I'm OK to re-start running more.

On my quilting, I'm doing well with keeping up with finishing some of my UFOs. The longest standing one was the Devon flag, but that's all finished, quilted and bound.

I like the effect that dark green quilting has on the block. I could have done it in white I suppose but couldn't fnd the cone!

Next finish is Heidi's baby quilt:

Close up of the butterfly:

...and of the caterpillar:

I've really enjoyed making this one, the fabric's all preprinted so just one big panel in the ecntre with borders around it. I decided not to go with the individual blocks made into the two plain coloured borders but just to use one plain colour instead for speed.

Next quilt on my to do list is the extra quilting on the DJ siggy quilt. I think I did about 4 blocks today as I've still got the machine set up from doing Heidi's. It is a deadly dull thing to do though, just re-sewing over the blocks on an already finished quilt. Hey ho, it'll give me something to do tomorrow!

Friday I'm being taken to Bath by Mike. We were planning to go to the quilt museum, but it's not open until March, so we're meeting Cathy for lunch instead. Of course I'm planning a diversion to Country Threads, and I've been told about Midsomer Quilting around 10 miles outside Bath. Two new quilt shops in one day!! And Duo for new boots if they've got any to fit me.

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