Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Much too long without a post

2 months without posting...what was I thinking about??? So in brief, I went to hospital and had my radioiodine, felt sick, had a scan on day 2 that the consultant looked concerned about, went home, panicked on day 5 when i realised I'd made a mess of a simple diet. The only things he'd told me not to eat was fish and fish oils. Just imagine how I felt on the Saturday when I spotted the olive oil I'd been using was enriched with fish oil!!

Anyway the good news is I had my repeat scan on the following Monday and it was fine, great and all clear. I know this because I made the poor doctor repeat it about 5 times. How embarrassing is that?

I'm struggling now because I'm back in work and slowly trying to increase my activity levels after I've started on thyroxine tablets. Typically though I'm ending up doing waaayy too much and then crashing at weekends. I'm not used to my body letting me down and I hate it. I've been back to work 4 weeks, but only on shrt hours, then they moved me to work in the factory shop and clean it but I ended up sleeping over 10 hours a night then sleeping in the afternoons at weekends as well. I've been signed off for another 2 weeks, and so far have spent most of today yawning!

No-one tells you what "taking it easy" actually is! Do I slob out on the sofa all day, or only run once a week?

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