Saturday, 28 March 2009

Thyroid update

Sorry no nice photos for this one. I really should get some done of my neck scars to illustrate these posts!

It was my first three monthly check up on Thursday. My bloods have come back well within expected limits, although she didn't explain how they'd fallen from what they were a month ago. I'm guessing it's because I've increased my activity levels, but I've not found anything scientific to support this. Anyway, she poked my neck - they all do, but at least she didn't get me to repeatedly dry swallow which I hate - and pronounced it fine.

I asked her about my lack of taste (not my clothes or husband!) and it seems there's no clear cut answer, I'll start getting taste back slowly. I knew this as I can taste things like blue cheese and other strongly flavoured foods.

Bit of a bombshell that the nuclear medicine consultant wants me to have a repeat scan. Mike insists I was told this in January, but I really don't remember it. I asked about coming off thyroxine and she said something about injections but they'd have to be at Derriford. I was getting confused, and she was making moves that she needed to go, so we left to come home.

Big session of googling later and I was more confused than ever. Thank goodness for nuclear medicine! Mike phoned as I had to get to work, and once the consultant was free, he phoned back and spent quite some time discussing everything with Mike. How cool is that?? We've now got a much clearer picture of what needs to happen, and why.

Regime is Day 1: injection at Derriford, bring ampoule of stuff home & keep in fridge. D2: injection at GP to save me having to get back to Derriford. D3: RAI injection at nuclear medicine. D4: scan. D5: Back to GP for blood test. I'll need to be on the low iodine diet for a month. No fish enriched olive oil this time, honest!! I'll also need to stop my thyroxine tablets for the week, but the injections will counter the effect of that.

I'm waiting for a letter from nuclear med with all the info and dates in. He said he's happy for us to change dates if they clash with "important family things". I've checked with work, and the very end of June is looking good for staffing levels, and by amazing coincidence it also fits in well with Half marathons (June 21st) and starting training for the full one I'm planning in October. I just want to clarify how long the hypo effdects will last afterwards, as obviously I don't want to be sleepy for the Boston trip.

I'm planning a buying trip to La Senza for new scanties ready for the injections! ;¬)

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