Sunday, 28 September 2008

Another weekend, another race, another PB!

So today was my first race since my operation, and to be honest I was a bit concerned, as I'd struggled with the distance last year, and I've not been able to do any training since the Dartmoor Dash 3 weeks ago.

Anyway I duly turned up and after 4 river crossings, hills, mud (but not as much as last year) and an impromptu toilet stop, I finished in 1:40:50 by their timing and 1:39:02 by mine. Damn those 2 seconds! Still an 8 minute PB is a PB!

Nice T shirt in the goody bag, and instead of a medal we got a trophy. One of those laser engraved acrylic ones. Very smart. I hope stories of the race's demise are greatly exaggerated!

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