Friday, 5 September 2008

Lots to catch up on

First of all, I played some more with the fabric dye kit. First time round I used up some of the pre-prepared solutions I'd made up for the small samples. Sadly, I discovered the dye doesn't remain stable for long, I've since been told it can go off in 4 hours if it's hot! So all the fat quarters I dyed came out of the washing machine looking very faded and sorry for themselves. Not to worry, I made up some more dye and repeated the experiment:

Just need todecide what to do with them.

The online bag challenge issued another pattern for September:

I'm really please with how this one turned out. Even the zip went in OK, although I cheated by accident, and bought an open ended zipper. I've used up the Japanese taupe strips I bought in Birmingham. I'm in the middle of making a slightly larger version as well, using the left over batiks from H's quilt. She's baggsed it, but has asked me to make it up as a cushion. I'm also planning a version in black and white using the leftover strips from B's quilt. I'm even going to use the orange contrast as the centre squares.

The Christmas quilt is coming along slowly, but piecing the curved blocks is a drag. I'm almost finished with making the curved strips, then with a bit of luck, the straight seams will go quickly, otherwise it won't be finished until next Christmas! Another potential saga like the tree skirt!

I've been given the date for my operation at last. 16th September. It was going to be next Tuesday, but typically it's DH's fist day in his new job, so I had to postpone it by a week. I have to go to the hospital one day next week for all the pre op checks, but as the consultant said that won't be a problem for a runner! My first question was when I'd be able to get back to running, but work for some reason wanted to know how long I'd be off work. As it's a Tuesday, I'll probably stay off until the following Monday.

The op date fits in well with races, as it's 2 days after a 8 mile one, and then I don't have another until nearly a fortnight later. strangely enough these two and another one I've got on Sunday are all trail races, so an excuse for shoe shopping! Managed to ask for club discount too, and got a pair for £45. I need to ask at work if I can beg a lift to an October race with one of the guys as it's difficult to get to by public transport. DH is working so me and the kids should be OK with M in his car. I can only ask anyway.

Off to marshall on Saturday for a club 5K. Rain forecast, and advised to bring bikes to get to the marshalling points.

I've been struggling with a toe injury since Torbay, so I'm off to see a podiatrist tonight straight after work. He asked me to bring my running shoes, but as I'm in trousers for work, I'll pack my leggings and top as well. Hopefully he'll be able to sort me out. I think it's due to my flat feet, and according to Google, I could be in line for another operation to sort it out...maybe I could ask if they can do it the same time as my neck?

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