Wednesday, 17 September 2008

So tired...

I had my throat op yesterday, and can't believe how shattered I feel! I was up at 6am to get to hospital by 7.30. Final check by consultant, then up to pre op ward. Lots more versions of the same questions I'd been asked before, then walk down to theatre. Just after the gasman had put the venflon in, the fire alarm went off :-O so up to recovery section for nearly an hour until it was silenced. Fortunatley it was a false alarm.

Next thing I was up on one of the recovery wards, but first I was wheeled to the wrong one! Eventually I went to the right one and spent most of the afternoon asleep. I was allowed home at 5pm.

Today I woke up with a galloping sore throat and my legs felt like I'd run a marathon. Still drowsy but determind not to lounge around all day doing nothing, I started working on the extra quilting on my siggy quilt. I'd seen it at the show, and thought it needed more emphasis around the signed block, so I'm going over the diamonds. I'd done 3 rows before this morning and started merrily on the 4th, only to discover that recovering from a general anaesthetic and sewing in a straight line don't mix! Luckily no pictures of the wobbles!

Instead of working more on that, I decided to do some of the pin wheels I'm working on for the quilt group:

They're not as out of focus in real life! I've only finished the bottom two, but should get the rest done tomorrow.

At the last group meeting, the programme was down as "Plym Challenge", but there was no other information. It turned out to be a challenge to produce a table mat for our Christmas meeting, using two provided fabrics. There were no other conditions, but Kathleen showed us some mats she'd made for inspiration. I decided the way to go was to make a block on EQ into a mat shape:

Then to see how well it came out in real life:

Just noticed the leaves are going in opposite directions, but I don't suppose that'll matter! Kathleen said we weren't allowed to eat unless we brought our mat! I'm off to Derry's on Saturday to buy some glittery thread, I used most of the Christmassy bobbin I had on making the pinwheels :-/

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