Monday, 22 September 2008

still off work

I've been off since last Tuesday following the operation, slowly getting better and more energetic, anyway on Friday I woke up with a really itchy leg, right where I'd been bitten. It was swollen, hot and so itchy it was unbelieveable. Eventually we ended up at the out of hours doctor's facility, and I got myself a new course of anti-biotics, double strength, some anti-histamine tabs and some hydrocortisone cream. Lucky me then also got one of the commonest side effects of anti-biotics! So now I'm off sick for the rest of the week, with instructions to finish the course.

Even better, he warned me that the discolouration may take up to 2 months to clear. Just as well it's winter and I'm in trousers.

So, while I've been off, I've been working on the Christmas gifts for my quilt group. Currently up to 24 in all, so about another dozen or so to go. Needlecases, pinwheels, pin cushions, could do with a couple of new ideas for some new gifts but I'm happy with how they're turning out:

I'm also carrying on trying new ideas for that mariner's compass star. I've re-drawn the borders to emphasise the spikey-ness of the compasses, and today got as far as printing off the foundation for the central star. I'm not making it up as the full quilt this time, but it'll make a great cushion while I practice the technique. I thought I'd go traditional and stick with red, white and blue. All I need to do is cut the foundations and sew the thing together!

This was also my first attempt at trying one of EQ6's new features, being able to choose my own sections for foundation piecing. (Actually I'm not sure if this is new, but it's the first time I've used it!!) Tomorrow I'll pull fabric from the stash to try piecing the star.

I also finished my Christmas table mat yesterday after only being able to sew in half hour bursts for most of the week. All appliqued, quilted and bound, and ready for the Christmas meeting:

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